Thursday, 29 September 2011

Masterchef-in-training (or not)

I may possibly be the youngest slash only asian in the world who can cook rice sans a rice cooker. It's really not that difficult. You put the rice in a pot, you put it on the stove until it boils with the lid on, you take the lid off, let it simmer until the water is gone, put the lid back on and turn the heater super low (turn off if you have an electric thing like they do here). Then you take the lid off, scoop the rice from the pot onto your plate, and you eat it. See, not difficult.

My mother is very silly. She is so paranoid that I'm starving here, and so she sends me a rice cooker. From australia. For $14. Not including shipping. (she also sent me a can opener and a can of goose. what does one do with goose?) Fyi, you can buy rice cookers here for $15. And there's no need for shipping. Anyways, now that I have this rice cooker I should use it, and catch up to the rest of the world in rice cookerness.

I stuck the instructions on the wall. USING RICE COOKERS IS HARD FOR ME MMKAY?

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