Thursday, 22 September 2011

Go Babo!

Money pays. Private colleges get their own police force. Yeah we have our own police force at Babson. And one of their jobs is take transport people to places they need to go. They're basically like a free taxi service. Convenient, right?

WRONG ! Yeah they're convenient, yeah they're free. But being in the back of a police car is scary. And weird. And creepy. And just weird. You have to sit in the back like a criminal, there's a plastic screen separating the front from the back, there's plastic over the window so you can't escape. It's like, a real police car. One thing disturbing me is that there are no door handles inside, so if there's an accident or something YOU CAN'T GET OUT.

Anyways this post needs a photo right? I don't have a photo of the Babo, so here's a photo of our dean, Dean Hammo, and our mascot, Biz.E the Beaver. Beaveromance.



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